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Distance Healing

Distance healing is an effective alternative when you are unable for whatever reason to receive in person work with a therapist.

I work with clients either on the phone or on a zoom call. The client is comfortably sitting or lying down for the hour-long session.

In the comfort of their own home, they can set up a healing space and continue to rest once the session finishes.

So how does Distance Healing work?

As the therapist I attune to the client and facilitate them to a grounded state of being that allows them to tune into their body’s needs at that time.

Using a set of simple practices, the client can sense into any dysregulation in their body/mind/spirit.

I take a health history and ask the client where they would like to focus.

I energetically connect with their system and place my healing hands where needed on their body. This sets up a deep healing in the client’s system and the potential for change.

This process requires a paradigm shift in what we think is possible in the realm of health and healing.

We are all tapped into this sea of energy, and we can use it to resource ourselves.

Staying in present moment sensory awareness is where we can rest and heal and open to new possibilities.

Within this embodied state I can work with the client’s whole system including the meridian system and craniosacral system.

I facilitate the client to invite and trust nurturing life energy, to feel the presence of this life energy in their body, to choose nourishing resources moment to moment, to expand their perceptual lens and to integrate this life energy throughout their entire system.

Our body holds the wisdom that we seek.

We can choose to start listening.

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