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LDH is a form of therapy that can be easily and conveniently performed at a distance when you are unable to come into the clinic in person. It can be conducted by Phone, Skype or Zoom communications platform.

What is Distance Healing or Long Distance Healing

The treatment protocol requires a paradigm shift in our thinking of what is possible with health and healing.  With LDH we open our awareness and explore our inner landscape in a safe therapeutic and grounded way, facilitated and supported by the therapist. The depth of presence of the therapist allows them to reach across time and space and connect with the client.

The therapist and client discuss what the client wants to address in their system and then a LDH session unfolds.

The therapist tunes into the client’s system using their own embodied navigational system in the quantum field. We are all part of this quantum field and we can tap into this sea of energy.

We can use this sea of energy with LDH to resource ourselves and allow the cells of our body to operate optimally and heal in a deeply embodied state.

Staying grounded in the present moment of sensory awareness helps us to sense disrupted energy flow. The therapist helps facilitate the client’s sensory awareness to feel where their energy flow is disrupted.

The therapist can use their ‘ Energy Hands’ and hold a strong therapeutic presence on any part of the body that is calling out for support. There is no limit or boundary to the potential for positive change and healing to occur.

LDH helps the body address a range of health issues including :

  • Chronic and Acute Neck and Back Pain.

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Head and Spinal Injuries

  • Stress and Tension related disorders

  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

  • Scoliosis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

  • Central Nervous System Disorders

  • Orthopedic Problems

  • And Many Other Conditions

What is Long Distance Healing or Distance Healing?


Distance healing is performed by the therapist at a distance when the client is unable to come into the clinic for treatment.

Distance is not a limiting factor to the potential success of the treatment for the client.

Distance healing works with the body/mind as an expanding and contracting field of energetic vibrations.

The therapist can work with the client on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

The session can help balance all the body energetic systems including the meridians, Chakras and Auric fields.

Distance healing works with the full spectrum of energy that is available for the human race. It helps us feel a oneness with the self, giving us more connection with our inner wisdom.

We focus on the inherent strength and potential of the receiver in order to heal and integrate what is not working. This helps to vibrate all energies together in harmony.


What can I expect from a Distance Healing Session?


The session is conducted in a TeleHealth Platform using Zoom, Phone, Skype.

The client can be lying down or sitting up comfortably in their own home.

Once the client’s details are discussed the therapist explores the client’s navigational system with them through the quantum field.

There are a series of short simple techniques that the therapist is trained to assist the client in exploring comfortably to help them tune in and quieten their energy fields so they can explore deeper into their bodies.

The therapist holds a strong therapeutic presence for the client to facilitate their healing journey in whatever way they can.

The therapist assists the client to integrate all parts of themselves coming from a place of love, compassion and calm. This helps to cultivate trust and open to possibilities that feed our growth at a soul level


The power of being Met, held and witnessed without the need for touch.


Energy and Alchemy.


The cells of our body operate optimally when we are in a deeply embodied state.

We are all part of a sea of energy. We can tap into this sea of energy with LDH. We can use it to resource ourselves.

Staying grounded in the present moment of sensory awareness helps us to sense disrupted energy flow.

The therapist helps facilitate the clients own sensory awareness to feel where the energy flow is disrupted.

The Therapist facilitates the client to navigate new resources both internally and externally to help in the healing journey.

The client gains awareness of a more full-body presence so they can feel all parts of the body and integrate where help is needed, igniting the cellular intelligence of the body.

The cellular intelligence of the body is so important for the healing process.

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