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Shiatsu which literally means ‘finger pressure’ is a Japanese healing art based in the same oriental tradition as acupuncture.


Instead of needles the practitioner uses the power of touch and pressure to stimulate meridians or energy points in the body.

If our meridian system becomes blocked, Qi/energy can no longer flow freely and nourish our internal ecosystem. To nourish your body, mind, and emotions we must ensure there are as few Qi blockages as possible.

Shiatsu induces deep relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing energising the body.

Qi Yoga

Qi Yoga

Yoga is the world’s oldest system of personal development for body, mind, and spirit.


The word Yoga means ‘Joining’ and its principal purpose is to unite the individual self. Yoga postures exercise every part of the body, stretch, and toning the muscles and joints, and the entire skeletal system.

As we stretch into a posture, we stretch the fascial sheath that surrounds the entire body like glad wrap. The meridians run through the fascia, so we energise the energy body’s pathways.

Qi Yoga combines traditional asana postures with meridian stretching and unwinding.

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